Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Book your party
You can purchase your kid’s entertainment package on our website. You will then need to fill out your party Registration Form so we have all your party details. You will then be directed to our online PayPal service where you will purchase your $50 Aus party deposit to secure your booking. Once this has been completed, Fairy La La Land will email you a confirmation of party and give you a call directly to secure final details. Fairy La La Land will contact you within 24hour Monday – Friday.  If your purchase takes place on the weekend we will contact you on Monday.
Simply contact us between business hours to conduct your party booking over the phone. Please have your party and payment details ready for quick over the phone party bookings.

The party packages quotes above include a maximum of children per package. 1 entertainer to 20 kids. If your party is a larger event, then we recommend hiring an additional entertainer to ensure the party runs smoothly and no one is left out! Simply email us for your special party package quote.

We recommend having the guests arrive 15-30 minutes before the entertainment starts. This gives everyone time to arrive, settle in and allows the children to get excited. Then when your La La Land character arrives, we start straight away. This creates the magic and excitement for the duration of the party, rather than stopping the fun every time a new child arrives. Plus, there is nothing worse than arriving at the same time as a child and they see a fairy walking down the street. It takes the magic right out of the show. 

Having lot’s of attention is hard for any age group. It can become overwhelming especially for the younger ones. If your child is shy, we recommend standing nearby for a few minutes. We recommended, not holding onto them at this time. Once they see that the parent is relaxed with the La La Land character they tend to relax also and join in on all the magical fun. We find that the shy children, once they relax they end up being the most excitable one. 

The age range for a La La Land party is 3 to 12 years old. We are known to even put a smile on the adult’s face as well. 

Yes, we do entertain on Public Holidays. This service will incur a 20% surcharge on all party packages. Discounts are not permitted. 

Yes, our action-packed parties are suitable for both boys and girls. We tailor your party games to suit the age of your party. Not to mention the humor in the magic show which is suitable for all!

Plan the area you would like your performer to entertain in. Pick a spot so there is enough room to sit and watch comfortably. Remove all toys from the area. If there is furniture that needs to be moved, kindly move it before the entertainer arrives. 

If you would like the party to take place outdoors, please make sure that there is enough shade for both the children and the entertainer. For summer months (above 30 degrees) air conditioning and/or fans are a must. Keep in mind everyone usually wears costumes and they are hotter than normal summer clothes. Please keep pets in another area. It may become too windy or even rainy so please have a cleared space indoors that everyone can move to easily.  

For children’s parties, in echoing halls, please notify us on your Registration Form and we will supply your Magical Entertainers with a Portable Pa System. Adults are more than welcome to join in on the fun, in fact, we encourage it! For larger adult functions where the focus is primarily on the adults, then organizing a separate playroom area for the children is advisable.

We use Paradise and TAG Face Paint. Both these brands are known for their use of safe and gentle ingredients. It washes off easily with just soap and water. Paradise Face Paints and TAG are also non-allergenic. Face painters reserve the right to refuse painting anyone’s face should they appear to have the following symptoms: cold and flu, cuts, rash, a snotty nose, Impetigo, Eczema, Chicken Pox, Cuts, and Bruises or anything that appears to be contagious. 

We also reserve the right not to paint what we consider to be offensive symbols or subject.

It is essential for the parent/guardian to inform your face painter if your child has sensitive skin before application. We are able to carry out a skin test on the inside of the arm and this procedure will usually take about 20 minutes to determine whether a reaction occurs. If there is no reaction, then we will paint the person. It is the responsibility of parent/guardians/adults to inform us of anything that may mean that a person cannot be painted. We may be able to offer an alternative such as hand or arm painting/temporary tattoo. We will not be held liable/responsible for any person who may react to our paints/equipment at any time.

To protect the hygiene of all concerned, we ask that we are presented with a clean face/area to paint, thus enabling us to check that it is safe to proceed with painting. Baby wipes are available to be used by parents/guardians. Fairy La La Land will not accept liability/responsibility for any adverse reactions caused. 
As our ensemble strives for excellence, we have devised a strict hygiene practice, which is followed out by all face painters in La La Land. 

Yes, we offer Mascot Characters who live in La La Land. There is something magical about characters suits.

For maximum effect, they do have to be operated by professional entertainers. (seeing a bunny with human hands can be quite disturbing for little ones!).
We offer packages that include a mascot character and a party host. This will ensure the success of all events.

Keeping in mind we deliver high-end professional entertainment. Hiring Fairy La La Land will ensure the success of your event regardless of the size. Dreams do come true!

We are in the office from Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm. On weekends simply email us or leave a message and we will contact you during office hours. We are known to be at events during the week, especially in school holiday periods. Simply leave a message with our answering service and we will contact you as soon as we are back. We also have an online booking system which will save you time when booking your event.


We service the following areas Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney. Please call for inquiries 1300 455 955

Head Office details:

Salt Lake City USA (+1) 801-326-7300
Sydney AU (+612) 9053 6688

133 Alexandra St, Crows Nest 2065

Need to contact us on the weekend? No problem!
You can contact us directly on the day of our party on

Salt Lake City USA (+1) 801-326-7300
Sydney AU (+612) 9053 6688

14. Disclaimer:
“We do not provide Disney Parties and do not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyright laws. Our “FROZEN” parties are based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. We DO NOT claim to be associated with any Disney characters or any copyrighted or name brand characters. Our characters originate from storybook fables that have been around longer than Disney. All clients booking us must be an acceptance that our characters are not representing licensed copyrighted characters or their stories. Please do not confuse our characters with the Walt Disney Trademarked characters. Fairy La La Land has no association with the Walt Disney Company”

See below for what our audience members are saying about our show: 

Awesome show! My son absolutely loves Fairy La La and all the characters. Talks about it for days. Definitely a must see! Great venue too!” kate

“A fun and exciting show, filled with high energy and laughs.
My son had such a good time and couldn’t stop talking about it.
I would recommend everyone with kids, check it out.” Chris

“We will be seeing this! Can’t wait! We have seen Fairy La La and team a few times now! My 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter LOVE her.” Kathryn