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Top 5 Kids Party Venues in Sydney


A birthday party venue can do a lot of things. It can set the mood, determine the theme and even the number of guests who attend. If you’re scratching your head, trying to figure out where to host your child’s party, these venues are sure to please: 1. Parramatta Park A short walk from Parramatta

Top 5 Kids Party Venues in Sydney2018-08-11T03:10:37+10:00

Planning Kids Party Food


No party is complete without party food! Providing delicious food that the kids will love will really add to the enjoyment of the day. If you’re in need of inspiration here are some ideas to get the party started! ​Something to nibble on. It’s always a good idea to have some nibbles for when guests

Planning Kids Party Food2018-08-11T03:05:34+10:00

How to Make Your Own Fairy Costume


With a little bit of effort, some creativity and a sprinkle of fairy dust, you can create the ultimate fairy costume that won’t cost a fortune. What you will need: • Leotard, old dress, or skirt and singlet • Good glue • Glitter • 1 piece of cardboard • Tulle or scraps of material •

How to Make Your Own Fairy Costume2018-08-11T03:03:58+10:00

Winter Birthday Parties


Chilly temperatures, gusty winds, pouring rain. It’s not exactly desirable conditions for a birthday celebration, but for those of us who are winter babies, we don’t really have a choice! If you are planning a birthday party during the cooler months, here are few tips and tricks to make it an enjoyable day – no

Winter Birthday Parties2018-08-11T03:44:13+10:00

5 Ways to Say Thank You


When planning a birthday party, we want to make sure everything goes to plan, that nothing is forgotten and that the birthday boy or girl is happy. With so much on the to-do list, it can be easy to forget about those who make the party possible in the first place – the guests! What

5 Ways to Say Thank You2018-08-11T03:43:51+10:00

5 DIY Party Decoration Ideas With a Twist


​It’s amazing how a few decorations can transform a room. To make sure your child’s birthday party is bursting with festive fun, why not try these simple and low-cost ideas. Picture 1.Balloon Wall Instead of blowing up a packet of balloons and sticking them around the room, blow up balloons to different sizes and stick

5 DIY Party Decoration Ideas With a Twist2018-08-11T04:52:09+10:00

How Many Kids Should You Invite to a Birthday Party?


Coming up with a guest list for any party can be a challenge. You don’t want to leave anyone out, but at the same time you can’t invite everyone. An old rule is, ask as many kids as your child's age, plus one. However, that isn’t always possible. So how can you pull the list

How Many Kids Should You Invite to a Birthday Party?2018-08-11T05:07:13+10:00

5 Steps to Throwing a SUPER Superhero Party


KA POW! BAM! ZAP! Between the capes, masks and all that zipping around, it’s not hard to understand why superhero parties are so popular. How can you throw a superhero party with plenty of KA POW? 1. Choose the theme. The birthday boy or girl might already know they may want a spider-man party or

5 Steps to Throwing a SUPER Superhero Party2018-08-11T03:25:42+10:00

My Child is Having a Party!


For many mums organising their child's first birthday party can be stressful. With all the choices on the internet and in party shops these day, it can be very overwhelming. Like all parents you want your child to have a perfect day, filled with excitement and dreams that come true.....but where do you begin. Usually

My Child is Having a Party!2018-08-11T03:28:46+10:00

School Holiday Activity


With school holidays approaching its always on everyone's minds....what is there to do that is fun and affordable. Computer games are great but you don't want your child spending there whole holiday period glued to the TV. A park can be a great affordable outing. Your children will be outdoors and using their motor skills.

School Holiday Activity2018-08-11T03:27:14+10:00