For many mums organising their child’s first birthday party can be stressful. With all the choices on the internet and in party shops these day, it can be very overwhelming.

Like all parents you want your child to have a perfect day, filled with excitement and dreams that come true…..but where do you begin.

Usually your child will know the theme they would like. If they don’t you can alway keep it simple. You could always conduct simple but affective party games such as musical statues, pass the parcel, duck duck goose. For the older kids you can always hold a small kids disco party, put on their favourite pop 100 music, get a party disco light from Bunnings or any party shop in Sydney and let the musical fun begin.
For the little ones a fairy party (or pirate party for boys) is alway the favourite as they just love using their imagination.
For a fairy party you could leave glitter around the back garden and say a fairy must have flown over the rainbow and left some pixie dust especially for your birthday. Fairy bread and fairy floss are always great fairy party food.
For pirate parties, set out a wonderful treasure hunt in the back garden, make a wonderful treasure map (burn the edges to make it look authentic) In some point hidden in the garden will be an x marking the spot. They can dig a little revealing the hidden treasure. Its a great idea to do this at the end of party and have their lolly bags in the treasure chest. Its a really nice finish to a great pirate party. Get them to do pirate dancing and make them balloon swards so they can pretend to be on a real pirate ship.

The possibilities are endless when thinking on themes. The main thing to think about is to keep it simply and create fun. Parties are all about having fun fun fun.

Hiring a jumping castle is a great idea but it always has to be supervised by a parent so no one gets injured so that can become stressful.

Hiring a good entertainer with experience is one of the best ways to go.
Leaving you time to mingle with the other adults whilst watching your child and their guests have the time of their life. You will also have spear time to take pictures and capture the moment for ever.

When looking for an entertainer always ask them of their back ground. Ask that they have a working with children check form the government and Public Liability Cover.
Having a child care back ground or being a babysitter isn’t enough when wanting the best entertainer for your fun filled party. They will arrive in a costume and be very nice and polite but will they ensure the party will be exciting and authentic for the duration of the event? No. The kids will like their appearance on arrive, then after a couple of games will start to become uninterested and look for other means of entertainment.
If your entertainer has a performing background, wether it be theatre o dance they will have the tools to engage the children for the duration of the event. Such as voice training to create the excitement through inflection, movement/dance training, comedy for a hilarious routine in any given character and the understanding of performance to deliver an authentic character. This will ensure the kids are creating memories they will have for a life time, and the mums will be able to relax and enjoy the party also.

You should also ask for examples of their work. What venues do they frequent. If they are professional entertainers they will be doing big gigs in corporate venues as well as private events such as birthday parties.

If you are looking around and comparing price, then chances are you pick the cheapest you will get a young person or someone who haste thad the proper training to deliver a professional party. Kids are not silly. They can tell is an Elsa impersonator arrives in a cheap costume and doesn’t get into character. They will pick it up and be uninterested in seconds.
Its important that the entertainer loves what they do and are passionate about children’s entertaining to deliver a professional event at every gig. If they are 18 and working for a company as their first job, their party won’t be as good as someone who has the training and experience.

Have you had a bad entertainer? Or a stressful party experience? tell us all about it….