KA POW! BAM! ZAP! Between the capes, masks and all that zipping around, it’s not hard to understand why superhero parties are so popular.
How can you throw a superhero party with plenty of KA POW?

1. Choose the theme. The birthday boy or girl might already know they may want a spider-man party or a Wonder Woman party. If they don’t have a particular superhero in mind, keep it open. Children can dress as their favourite superhero or why not encourage them to invent their own! Superheroes are popular because of their special powers and can do extraordinary things. It’s a chance to be creative and have a lot of fun.

2. Calling all superheroes. The invitation is a chance to give guests a hint of what’s to come. Will Batman be coming to the party to battle it out with the Joker? Does Superman have to rescue Louis again? Use the invite to tell your guests that the party will take place at Gotham City (a.k.a the birthday party venue). Remind everyone to bring their special powers and that you need their help to save the city.

3. Decorate. Decorations can be an easy way to really add sparkle to a party. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just get creative. A Superman party might be coloured in red and blue. A Batman party might have words placed around the room like: POW and BOOM. Make labels for the food such as, ‘Superhero food here’ and ‘Superhero juice this way.’ Most superheroes have their own comic book or movie, refer to these for inspiration. Using terms, places and words that are used by the superhero, will give the party a special edge. Children remember these sorts of details and will appreciate it!

4. Children’s entertainer. A professional performer will inevitably be the highlight of the party. They will keep the children (and often adults!) entertained with games. If you’re unsure which superhero entertainer to choose from, it’s a good idea to ask what is popular at the time. Children change their minds regularly depending on what’s popular. If you’re not sure ask.

5. Superhero activities. Professional performers will host games to keep the guests engaged. Think about additional activities you can include such as face painting. Guests can have a painted-on mask, or a lightning bolt on their cheek. Set up a special superhero photo corner where children can have a picture with the entertainer. It’s a great way to wrap up the party. Give a copy of the photo to every guest for a memento of the day.

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