With a little bit of effort, some creativity and a sprinkle of fairy dust, you can create the ultimate fairy costume that won’t cost a fortune.

What you will need:

• Leotard, old dress, or skirt and singlet
• Good glue
• Glitter
• 1 piece of cardboard
• Tulle or scraps of material
• String
• 2 coat-hangers
• 2 pairs of tights (any colour you like)
• Plastic or fabric headband
• Paper, pencils, textas for decorating
• Fake or real flowers (optional)
• The help of your soon-to-be fairy

Fairy base:

To start with, you will need the base of the costume. This may be a dress, leotard or skirt and top. If you don’t have anything, you can purchase something fairly inexpensive from shops like Kmart or Target. You can also try op shops or charity stores. When it comes to colours there are no rules! If you have a tutu, these can work well. Otherwise, it’s easy to make a no-sew fairy tutu. Simply tie pieces of tulle (or any other material you like) to a belt or string and tie around the waist of your fairy.

See how easy it is here:


A pair of wings will really add sparkle to any fairy costume. Using two coat-hangers, tie them together and cover withtights. The wings can be decorated with glitter, sew on fake flowers, sequins or glue-on diamantes for an extra touch.Learn how to do this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB5iZ5B1Mhg

Headdress and accessories:

Using a headband, glue on fake flowers, glitter or bows. It’salso a chance to get the soon-to-be-fairy involved. On paper, draw an outline of a butterfly, stars or any other shape you like. Using paints, crayons, textas or pencils colour in. Once finished, cut out the shapes and glue onto the headband.

Wand: Every fairy needs a wand! You can purchase a thin rod of wood form a craft or hardware store. Or use a non-bendy straw, un-sharpened pencil or make a paper mâchéwand. Paint the wand whatever colour your fairy likes. For the star, use thick cardboard and cut out a star. Glue your star to the end of the wand and decorate with glitter, bows and paint. Looking for something different? Why not use a different shape for your wand rather than a star? How about a half-moon, triangle or rain-drop.

Simple flat shoes such as ballet pumps will finish off the outfit. Your fairy can wear tights in the cooler months. Remember there many types of fairies. Use your imagination and get creative.