Chilly temperatures, gusty winds, pouring rain. It’s not exactly desirable conditions for a birthday celebration, but for those of us who are winter babies, we don’t really have a choice! If you are planning a birthday party during the cooler months, here are few tips and tricks to make it an enjoyable day – no matter the weather.

Use winter in your theme

Winter can be a wonderful time of year and it’s an opportunity to really use the season to work in with the theme of the party. Winter is the perfect time for a ‘Frozen’ party! Invite Elsa along and play pin the nose on Olaf. Another idea is to transform a room into ‘Winter Magic’ – bring in fake snow, start-up the fire and toast marshmallows. Ask guests to dress up in beanies, scarves and their favourite winter jumper.

Get creative with indoor venues

Outdoor birthday parties during winter can be risky. Rain is more common and unpredictable. Avoid disappointing the birthday boy or girl, and their guests, and opt for an indoor venue. There are plenty of options such as, an ice-skating rink, ten-pin bowling centre, indoor laser tag, the cinema, an arts and craft studio, a cooking class, video games arcade or a sports centre.

Make your guests as comfortable as possible

If you decide to host a party at home, or hire a room, make sure your guests are comfortable. If it’s particularly cold, you may need to bring in additional heaters. Of course you won’t know until the day, so be prepared. Have a basket with blankets, scarves and beanies for extra back-up. Heat-proof the room and place wind-stoppers at the base of doors to stop a draught entering. If there are windows, close the curtains or blinds to retain the heat.

Delicious winter treats

Warm, yummy food is always going to win people over on a wintery day. Party pies, sausage rolls and mini-pizzas are crowd-pleasers. Cut up a mix of veggies into small pieces, and bake in the oven. Distribute the veggie bites into cups for a delicious ‘mini-roast’. For sweets, hot chocolate with marshmallows, pudding and oven-baked pies are sure to warm hearts and tummies.

Throwing a birthday party in winter doesn’t have to be a downer. It’s definitely possible to make it just as special and magical as a birthday held during the warmer months.

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