When planning a birthday party, we want to make sure everything goes to plan, that nothing is forgotten and that the birthday boy or girl is happy. With so much on the to-do list, it can be easy to forget about those who make the party possible in the first place – the guests! What are the best ways to thank party guests and show your appreciation?

​Here a 5 fun and creative ways to say thanks!

1) A note. With so many emails being sent daily, non-digital mail is becoming a rare thing! Have impact by sending a hand-written note. Everyone loves receiving a personalised letter. You can use notepaper in theme with the party. Tailor each note, by thanking your guest for their gift or simply attending. You can write the note on behalf of your child. Here’s an example:

Dear Harry,
​Thank you so much for being part of my seventh birthday party and making it so fun. I love the colouring-in pencils you gave me. I can’t wait to use them. I also really liked your batman costume, you looked great.
See you at school.

2) Email. If email is more your thing, there are various options for a fun thank you. Paperless Post is a nifty online service that allows users to choose a design of their choice. If you’re looking for something simpler, use a standard email. Attach an image from the birthday party to add an extra touch.

3) Photo. Polaroid cameras are back! Relatively inexpensive, they enable photos to be developed as they are taken. Use a polaroid camera to photograph each party guest. At the end of the party, pop the polaroid inside of the goodie bag, or give on its own. Use the polaroid boarder to write a thank you note. It’s a great momento from the day.

4) Goodie bags. Goodie bags are a lovely way to thank guests for attending the party. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a great goodie bag. If unsure where to start, think about the theme of the party. For example, a clown nose, multi-coloured play-doh pot and a lollypop, will suit a clown party. Or for a fairy party, how about a pot of glitter, home-made wand and star-shaped lollies.

5) Hand-made. There’s nothing quite as special as a handmade gift. Team up with the birthday boy or girl, and make thank you gifts for each guest. Write a poem, design a funky photo frame, make homemade chocolates or draw a picture.

Saying thank you doesn’t take much, but it’s always appreciated. Show your party guests just how much you value them, and the time they took to celebrate the birthday boy or girl’s big day. It’s sure to warm their hearts all over again.

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Have a fairy fun day!