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How to throw a truly COWABUNGA ninja turtle party!


Why do so many kids love ninja turtles? Well, who wouldn’t love karate-chopping, bad-guy catching, adventure-seekers. Especially popular with boys, ninja turtle parties are easy to coordinate, and a lot of fun. Fly-kick your child’s birthday party into awesome territory with these easy steps. 1) Costumes ​Get the party started by inviting party guests to

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Winter Birthday Parties


Chilly temperatures, gusty winds, pouring rain. It’s not exactly desirable conditions for a birthday celebration, but for those of us who are winter babies, we don’t really have a choice! If you are planning a birthday party during the cooler months, here are few tips and tricks to make it an enjoyable day – no

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5 Ways to Say Thank You


When planning a birthday party, we want to make sure everything goes to plan, that nothing is forgotten and that the birthday boy or girl is happy. With so much on the to-do list, it can be easy to forget about those who make the party possible in the first place – the guests! What

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